Our Lady of Guadalupe Procession

The annual Guadalupe Candlelight Procession will be held on Sunday, July 26. The procession will commence from Holy Redeemer Cathedral at 6:00 p.m. The faithful will pay tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe, through the streets of Belize City, in gratitude for Her continued love for and protection of our beloved nation.

This year’s procession will be different in an effort to be considerate of COVID-19 concerns. The procession will be led by a truck carrying an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and a musical system which will be playing the Litany. Behind the leading truck will be a group of processors consisting of marshals and a few representatives from each parish carrying torches and banners.

This group on foot will be followed by a motorcade of all the faithful who wish to honor and follow Our Lady through our Belize City streets. The procession will end at Swift Hall – St. Martin de Porres where a Mass will follow. It is asked of parishioners to organize in a manner which will ensure an efficient motorcade (i.e. please try to fill participating vehicles so the motorcade may not be excessively long). All are encouraged to decorate their vehicles to honor our Blessed Mother!

Parishioners are encouraged to participate as a tribute to our Blessed Mother for the many blessings and for the protection we receive from our Lord for our families and our nation through Her intercession. We also continue to ask for Her intercession during the current COVID-19 crisis!